HVAC & Refrigeration Products - Automatic Machine Products

AMP was the first to manufacture steel shut-off and service valves. Since 1946 we have delivered the highest quality products in the industry. Over the years product offerings have expanded to include adapters, brass valves, and various companion parts. AMP is committed to the quality, development, expansion, and diversification required in meeting our customer’s expectations.

  • Adapters

    AMP offers a wide variety of steel and brass adapter assemblies. Our adapters are available with nearly any combination of fittings available in our valves.

  • Brass Valves

    Automatic machine offers the same quality, reliability, and variety found in our steel valves in our UL recognized brass valve line. Brass provides the same level of performance, but with a greater measure of corrosion resistance. Choose our non-back seating valves for optimum flow and minimal pressure drop, or choose our back seating valves for maximum serviceability.

  • Coatings and Corrosion Protection

    To protect our steel assemblies Automatic offers a variety of coatings including tin, zinc, nickel, and copper. The coatings are designed to offer up to 500 hours of salt spray corrosion protection, per ASTM-B117.

  • Companion Parts

    Seal caps, stem caps, seal nuts, seals, gaskets, packing, gland nuts, washers, valve cores, and copper tubes are just some of the many companion parts Automatic Machine provides for use in conjunction with our valves and adapters. All components are designed for optimum performance and compatibility.

    Today AMP provides product to leading original equipment manufacturers on six continents.

  • Steel Valves

    AMP offers of a full line of UL recognized steel shut-off valves. Valve body sizes are available from ¾” (0.75”) through 1 ¾” (1.75”). Standard connections are available in numerous types, configurations, sizes, and locations to fit the individual needs of our customers.